MultiSense provides organisations with secure user authentication and identity verification methods with biometrics.

Multisense's solution is based on a combination of face and voice recognition, fingerprint, GPS and NFC technologies. Our biometric recognition technology is able to identify the user at any time and any place with 100% accuracy. Multisense provides enhanced security and innovative technological solutions for internal & external corporate applications. With its fully customizable options, seamless integration with an existing system is simple, and offers an added high layer of security to any organization. Multisense's biometric authentication replaces the permanent password and it's many pains including hacking and password remembrance hassle. Additionally, no extra devices are required when using the App, except for the mobile phone. With Multisense, biometric authentication finally makes sense!

Name CEO: Aviram Siboni
Founded in: 2015
Country: Netherlands
Company Twitter: @MultiSense_Ltd
Category: Innovative Banking Software


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