Pay anywhere in just a few clicks

Nocks makes web & mobile payments easy, fun and social using blockchain technology. We are the first company in the world built around the Gulden blockchain and offer companies and consumers an all-in-one experience bundling all relevant payment options into one service that they can use anywhere in the world. We are focussed on online payments using a web form and browser-plugins and we are focussed on worldwide mobile payments using existing NFC, QR and Beacon technology to turn payments into something awesome and social. What really sets us apart isn't just the fact that we use blockchain technology, but that what we do isn't closed circuit. Users of our service aren't confined to accepting merchants, they can pay anywhere using the available techniques. NFC and QR being the most popular. This means we are also compatible with the POS-tools of our competitors and our users wouldn't need their consumer-apps to pay at their connected merchants. All you need to pay anywhere, is Nocks.

Name CEO: Roel Boer
Founded in: 2015
Country: Netherlands
Company Twitter: @nocksapp
Category: Blockchain / Bitcoin


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