Numbrs / Centralway

Centralway wants to change the way the world handles their finances.

Centralway’s vision is to create the world’s leading mobile banking platform. The company’s focus is on developing products to manage banking transactions and assets. By providing banking software and services for both consumers and financial institutions, Centralway plans to revolutionise the way the world handles their finances. Its consumer offering, Centralway Numbrs, is currently one of the leading mobile banking applications in Germany, with expansion to other countries planned for the near future. Centralway also holds a 70% market share in Germany for e-banking software as a service, with 2,000 banks as clients. Recent expansion on the back of this success has resulted in the company becoming the large institution it is today. The Centralway team operates across an array of functions in working on its vision. The company expects passion and commitment, and in return rewards employees with attractive employment conditions. Currently operating out of its headquarters in Zurich, the work environment is tailored to best suit the company’s goals.

Name CEO: Julien Arnold
Founded in: 1999
Country: Switzerland
Company Twitter: @Centralway
Category: PFM Robo Advisory (Asset, Wealth, ForEx, Trading, Investing)


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