Open Source Investor Services B.V.

“Seeing through complexity of credit” - OSIS makes credit risk analysis easier and more comprehensive turning each lender and investor into a sophisticated, do-it-yourself credit rating agency.

OSIS develops software and provides SaaS services to banks, insurance companies, pension funds and asset managers. We are unique in the FinTech space as we combine IT skills, credit modelling expertise, financial market experience and have access to the best data in the financial industry. We are the analytical agent of Global Credit Data (the world’s largest interbank loss database), each quarter we check the data quality and rate over 10 million loans and have implemented a portfolio management system for one of the largest banks in the US. From a desktop, tablet or smartphone, a user can manage the complete credit risk value chain of a large banking institution with more reliable and more up-to-date insight in the quality and value of the portfolio against lower costs and lower operational risk. We achieve this with rigorous data quality management, powerful cloud computing, self-learning credit models where one reliable system provides Basel II model output, economic capital, spread risk, lifetime allowance, stress testing, portfolio valuation and transaction results. We lower the barrier of sophisticated credit analysis for both large and small lenders and investors exposed to loan risk.

Name CEO: Jeroen Batema
Founded in: 2011
Country: Netherlands
Company Twitter: @OSIStweet
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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