OSEVEN Telematics

OSEVEN is a pioneering insurance telematics and driving behaviour analytics company, providing next generation social-oriented Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) platform for motor insurance companies.

We offer usage-based insurance (UBI) technology to motor insurance companies - analytics-based assessments of risk associated with particular driving behaviour to reduce loss-ratio and increasing profitability while engaging with customers. We believe that supporting insurers in an increasingly complex technological world will always require a strong insurance technology partner. To support rapid deployments with insurers, we offer a fully-integrated, proprietary Android and iOS UBI data telematics platform. This offers a route to deploy UBI with no additional hardware cost while collecting necessary driving data using advanced machine learning techniques to “clean” sensors data from smartphone and calculate driver's behavior risk. We also integrate telematics data from our proprietary smartphones application with 3rd-party telematics devices such as in-car APIs or external on-board diagnosis (OBD) - operating as a clearing house for insurers to access all available data on their drivers. We then generate analytics-based risk assessment of driving behaviour and recommend pricing that risk for an insurer. This is all supported within a consumer application allowing rewards for safer or more environmentally-friendly driving behaviours, driving awareness, social gamification to encourage behaviour, and direct marketing to allow for insurers to engage with their customers.

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Name CEO: Vassilis Stivaktakis
Founded in:
Country: Greece
Website: www.oseven.io
Company Twitter: @OSevenTelematic
Category: InsurTech


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