Pariti helps people improve their financial health, take control of their money, and access lower cost fairer financial products.

Pariti puts people back in control of their finances and sets them on a journey to a more secure financial future. The free app securely connects to the user’s bank accounts and credit cards to provide a simplified view of their financial health. It automatically detects and forecasts upcoming income and bills and calculates a manageable weekly spending target. In cash positive weeks, users are incentivised to save money to build up their financial security while in more difficult weeks, where outgoings are forecasted to exceed incomings, they are motivated to make small savings. With clever algorithms constantly looking ahead to forecast a person’s financial position and updating with every transaction, the app is able to proactively nudge users to remain on track.

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Name CEO: Matthew Ford
Founded in: 2014
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter: @pariti_finance
Category: Financial Inclusion


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