Make contactless payments worldwide and earn a reward on the Blockchain.

Plutus is a gateway that connects the blockchain technology with pre-existing infrastructure, it empowers you to make contactless payments with Bitcoin at every local brick & mortar store with a NFC-enabled point-of-sale terminal. The liquidity for bitcoin conversion to fiat is provided by a peer‐to‐peer trading network called the PlutusDEX – it runs as a autonomous application (Dapp) on the Ethereum blockchain. The Plutus app also awards you a rebate on the blockchain for in‐store purchases. These are digital tokens called Plutons, which can be sent to friends or converted into contactless balance which can instantly be used towards the next purchase (like cash back or air miles on a credit card). This is the most practical way to pay with digital assets, as the payments process consists only of holding a mobile device above the merchant’s NFC reader. As a result, bitcoin payments are effectively accepted by proxy at over 32 million brick & mortar merchants in the world. Don’t wait for merchants to accept bitcoin, use

Name CEO: Danial Daychopan
Founded in: 2015
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter: @PlutusIT
Category: Blockchain / Bitcoin


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