Pockit provides modern, no-nonsense banking through an online money account with a payment card.

Pockit launched in August ‘14 as an attractive alternative to traditional banks. We enable consumers to move away from cash, giving them the ability to spend and manage their money online. Pockit serves its customers by providing an intuitive money account and payment card enabling them to fully manage and move their money, and spend online and in-store anywhere they see the MasterCard® symbol. The account can be accessed online or through a mobile App. In a sector where predatory pricing and obfuscation abound, we are transparent, fair and lean with our service and charges. Pockit charges just 99p for the card, for any cash loads through the network of 28,000 PayPoint outlets and to withdraw cash from ATMs. Other services, including MasterCard® payments and online transfers, are free. Through Pockit, we give access to modern money management and banking services to everyone, regardless of their background or credit status.

Name CEO: Virraj Jatania
Founded in: 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.pockit.com/
Company Twitter: @PockitPrepaid
Category: Alternative Finance


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