Qumram provides a solution to record individual user sessions on web, native mobile apps and social media with the purpose to ensure regulatory compliance, such as MiFID II.

Qumram supports Financial Service organizations to master the biggest challenges Financial Service organizations are facing: Regulatory Compliance and Digital Transformation. Financial Service organization walk a fine line between risk and reward today. Knowing your customer and its behavior is key for managing new regulations like MiFID II, Dodd-Franck, FFSA and engaging the right way. Therefore Qumram focuses on the customer and user behavior across digital channels such as web, mobile apps, and social media. Qumram provides deep customer insight and automates the online compliance. Qumram records any online information, interaction and transaction, creates legally admissible proofs, allows to replay the user experience and analyzes the data. Qumram drives customer value by ensuring compliance and protecting customers reputation and valuation; detecting and preventing fraudulent behavior and reducing risk and costs; Qumram additional helps to improve the customer experience and drives satisfaction and revenue. Qumram is already implemented at UBS, ZKB, LUKB, SUVA, and many other major Banks and Insurances and proves that digitisation and compliance should and can go hand in hand.

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Name CEO: Patrick Barnert
Founded in: 2011
Country: Switzerland
Website: www.qumram.com
Company Twitter: @QumramAG
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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