R5 operates the first emerging market trading platform, opening up financial markets in China, Russia, Brazil and India

R5 brings e-commerce to a voice dominated market, delivering the benefits you would expect from a FinTech - increased efficiency, transparency and access. The Problem - Emerging markets have traditionally been voice-traded, dominated by a small number of banks and brokers, with only limited access for local traders and little price transparency. As a result, many emerging market currencies are illiquid, with low trading volumes and locals unable to trade. The Solution - R5 recognised these issues and developed an "all-to-all" purpose-built platform, designed to stimulate trading in emerging markets including China, Brazil, Russia and India. This would have been impossible to achieve just a few years ago, but as an agile start-up FinTech, R5 is able to operate without the constraints of a large bank or broker. R5 conducted over 400 product design meetings with prospective clients, industry bodies and regulators, ensuring the marketplace had client-driven features and benefits that will stimulate growth, as this market migrates from voice-trading to a transparent and efficient screen-based solution. R5 opens up emerging market trading, levelling the playing field for large and small clients, providing benefits for all, whether in global financial centres or in the emerging markets themselves.

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Name CEO: Jon Vollemaere
Founded in: 2013
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.r5fx.com
Company Twitter: @R5FX
Category: Innovative Banking Software


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