Rendity enables alternative investments for everyone and opens the door to the real estate market.

Rendity is more than an investment platform for real estate and offers the first real estate investment depot in Europe: hence investors can compile a portfolio from different real estate projects that corresponds to their investment style. The transparent presentation of all projects ensures investments without excessive surprises. Thanks to the unique investor-wallet, investors can keep an overview and control of their invested capital. Single investors can invest in properties with little capital and thereby participating in the real estate market which is otherwise difficult to access. Therefore our platform is democratising property investment within the EU by providing investors with access to quality investment opportunities in the much sought-after asset class, known to be secure and profitable. We also give real estate developers or even borrowers who want to finance their property the opportunity to raise funds with a public impact, which facilitates to achieve creditworthiness and higher turnovers.

Name CEO: Lukas Müller
Founded in: 2015
Country: Austria
Company Twitter: @rendity
Category: Alternative Finance


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