Roos is a personal and proactive digital contract assistent to organise and benchmark best deals on the market to your current expenses. Roos enables the switch or prolonging of your contracts and saves you money and time. 
Every year again. No more hassle, always the best deal.

Roos is a personal contract assistent for contracts like insurance, energy and telecom services for consumers. Roos follows consumers in their lifecycle journey and creates triggers by using customer and market data sources. This results in getting personal advice and the best deals based on their situation and personal preferences at the moment they need them. Our approach is to use (big) data, benchmarking market offerings, solving real customer issues and focussing on customer delight to create long lasting customer bonds and fans. Our ambition is to grow LTV (lifetime value) of customers above industry average to be more powerful acquiring new users and retaining them than any other.

Name CEO: Michiel Alkemade
Founded in: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Company Twitter: @halloroosnl
Category: InsurTech


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