Secco is the newest and most disruptive of the challenger banks - going full stack both technically and conceptually to reinvent banking.

Banking is broken. People don’t want to do banking. It’s a chore. It’s not rewarding. It’s unnecessary. Banks have failed to keep up. The stage is set for something new. Something with a joined up approach across the whole ecosystem. Something stable and responsible. Something exciting and revolutionary. Something for how people actually live today. Introducing Secco – Banking Rebooted We are an early-stage, pre-licence challenger bank based in London, UK. We have a vision to re-invent banking. To take it back to first principles but with a 21st century execution. A bank for NOW. Co-founded by experienced digital leaders, with backgrounds from a wide variety of consumer services including FinTech. We have a passion for technology and people, and the complementary skills to realise our vision. To accelerate our development we are seeking early seed stage funding from investors who share our bold vision. Secco will be what a bank ought to be, do for its customer what a bank should do. With Secco you can deposit both money and data. You can lend, spend, invest and earn interest on your data, just like your money. Secco gives customers back control on their money and data, protecting their privacy and allowing them to monetise their data, identity ultimately reputation.

Name CEO: Chris Gledhill
Founded in: 2015
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter: @cgledhill
Category: Challenger Banks


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