Sharepay allows to split and delegate payments.

Sharepay is disrupting the payment industry by introducing the first technology that enable to share and delegate payments in real-time. This technology sits in harmony within the traditional financial actors, to seamlessly integrate today’s financial institutions as well as tomorrow’s upcoming innovations. The Sharepay payment solutions can be plugged to any existing account opened in any bank. They don’t require any additional account opening. These payment solutions let you pay from your personal accounts, split payments into two or more with your peers and delegate payments to others. Today, Sharepay is focusing on group expenses and more specifically on couples’ shared expenses. It offers an alternative to the joint banking account. With its flexibility, its simple order process and beautiful and convenient user interface, Sharepay is the ideal solution to deal with shared expense. The Sharepay payment card lets groups share their expenses easily and in a transparent way, anywhere around the globe, online as well as in shops, wherever the Mastercard network is present.

Name CEO: David Finel
Founded in: 2011 or later
Country: France
Company Twitter: @sharepayers
Category: Payments


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