Smart Engine

We help deepen alliances between the financial services, payment and retailing industries, as well as create new relationships and increase customer loyalty by delivering personalized offers.

Smart Engine provides digital loyalty marketing solutions for banks and financial services. We help our clients to deepen merchant alliances as well as build new ones in order to increase customer loyalty by offering meaningful offers. The biggest challenge in today's business is to gain customers and keep them. The Smart Engine loyalty platform is based on a mobile strategy that drives card spend, boosts card usage and increases card income. Therefore, the Smart Engine solution counts as one of the strongest marketing tools in the digital market and helps to rapidly increase turnover. With the Smart Engine Loyalty Program banks and financial services: • attract new customers • build up long-term customer relationships • improve customer experience • deepen merchant alliances • enjoy analytics that drive business • offer fully automated redemption processing • make reports count to reach high return on investment (ROI) The Smart Engine loyalty platform securely analyses and matches data from the sources given by the loyalty program owner (banks or financial services, merchants) to create highly relevant offers and to reach high conversion rates in campaigning. We constantly improve our Analytics Engine to keep our solution on the newest stand in order to guarantee best conversion rates.

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Name CEO: Christian A. Bacher
Founded in: 2011
Country: Austria
Company Twitter: @SmartengineNws
Category: Innovative Banking Software


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