SmartTrade assists banks and asset managers with the independent evaluation of financial instruments.

Our technologies are at work during the complete life cycle of a trade. We support our clients with the initial pre-trade risk analysis, with ongoing monitoring and generation of trading signals, as well as with the calculation of relevant risk indicators such as mark-to-model values and value at risk. We evaluate financial instruments by means of suitable pricing and risk models and calculate the information for trading activities to meet requirements arising from compliance and risk control. We provide the results in real-time or as EOD data via APIs and web tools. Moreover, we furnish yield curves, volatility surfaces, forward dividends and other important pricing and risk parameters. Since our multi-threading algorithms have a significant speed advantage over other conventional technologies, we are able to carry out several billion calculations on a daily basis.

Name CEO: Simon Ullrich
Founded in: 2013
Country: Germany
Company Twitter:
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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