Starling Bank

A smarter bank for an ever-changing world.

We’re building a bank that doesn’t really look like a bank at all. Mobile beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. We believe it’s time for people to enter into a more open relationship with money. One where managing your finances isn’t a limited and mainly solitary experience. Starling Bank will not just be a digital bank, but a bank truly fit for how we live our lives today. Our purpose is to bring our financial lives out of the darkness of the past and into the digital open. We’re building a bank that champions the power of modern technology to open up possibilities and create a whole new way of banking. One that operates on the values of being transparent, collaborative and connected. A truly mobile experience, delivering much more than an app and a debit card.

Name CEO: Anne Boden
Founded in: 2014
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter: @starlingbank
Category: Challenger Banks


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