Auto-retrieval of invoices/statements (creditcard, PSP), injected into accountancy/banking software as UBL, Camt.053.

Storecove is streamlining the collection process of invoices and creditcard statements which have to be gathered manually every month. The solution is "Set and Forget", after one time setup the process is fully automatic, saving companies en accountancy firms time and reducing admistrative workload. Storecove is a full SaaS solution, distributing via accountancy firms, accountancy software and supplier portals. The company is privately funded and has an advisory board of three experienced entrepeneurs. The three founders sold their former company, Videostrip, to RTL Netherlands in 2012.

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Name CEO: Dolf Kars
Founded in: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Company Twitter: @storecove
Category: Innovative Banking Software


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