Tandem Bank

Together we can build a better bank

Hello. We’re Tandem. Wouldn’t it be nice if banks did well when you do well, instead of making money at your expense? People’s relationship with money is broken, and despite a lot of big promises and nice looking adverts, we don’t see banks actually doing anything to fix it. But we all deserve something a bit better, we deserve a good bank. So we’re building one! And we’re delighted to announce that we have just received our official banking licence from the Bank of England. So what does this “good bank” look like? A bank that actively helps you avoid money pitfalls like overdrafts and missed payments. A bank that constantly finds you savings and helps you get more from your hard earned money. A bank that is seamless and instant, available anytime, anywhere. A bank that lives to solve your problems, with a techie brain and a human heart. We truly believe that our mission to build a "good bank" will transform the industry, and in 10 years' time people will consider their banks as one of the most helpful entities in their life, not one of the most painful.

Name CEO: Ricky Knox
Founded in: 2013
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.tandem.co.uk
Company Twitter: @tandembank
Category: Challenger Banks


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