The open trading layer for the Internet - Tradable Embed is an open API to easily build financial trading features into any app, through any brokerage.

Every brokerage has different APIs that work in different ways, making it a pain to connect your apps to the financial markets across multiple brokerages and give your users the flexibility of trading with the broker of their choice. We have built a simple, unified REST API that developers can embed in their apps and websites to allow their users to place trades, see real-time quotes and live portfolio information directly from the app, with the broker of their choice. This enables developers to create trading platforms without the hassle of connecting to a number of complex Wall St. protocols, signing contracts with financial institutions and submitting lots of information to get through credit checks and become a service provider to banks and brokerages.

Name CEO: Jannick Malling
Founded in: 2011 or later
Country: Denmark
Company Twitter: @tradable
Category: PFM Robo Advisory (Asset, Wealth, ForEx, Trading, Investing)


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