Tradeworks helps private traders improve their performance by seamlessly automating their trading strategies without programming thus avoiding the pitfalls of human emotions.

Developing innovative, yet beautifully simple trading technology, Tradeworks helps traders and investors to trade more efficiently and profitably by eliminating the constraints of time, emotions and information overload, the major obstacles to achieving a better profitability. The technological gap between the professional market participants and the private traders is reduced as Tradeworks offers private traders access to powerful, algorithmic, trading capabilities assisting them in managing positioning and risk professionally. ‘Algorithmic trading-tools for the masses’ are certain to disrupt the USD 25bn a year online FX industry, which has failed to innovate in the past decade and is still pushing hopelessly old-school technology based on ‘point-and-click’ trading. Tradeworks is provided as SaaS and benefits from a dual channel distribution model by selling bulk licenses to broker partners (B2B2C), while at the same time selling directly to the end users (B2C). The industry is ripe for disruption and Tradeworks is ready to claim its part of the cake by modernizing the non-professional investors’ market-approach and offering them effective and easy-to-use tools, which can truly help them improve their trading performance.

Name CEO: Mikael Breinholst
Founded in: 2013
Country: Denmark
Company Twitter: @tradeworks_tech
Category: PFM Robo Advisory (Asset, Wealth, ForEx, Trading, Investing)


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