European multi currency account for B2B and B2C payments

Embracing cross-border banking, Valuto offers a multicurrency payment account for SMEs and sole traders; a centralized location to facilitate everything from foreign exchange to sending and receiving transfers, in local currencies throughout Europe. The solution accesses the company’s network of bank accounts across Europe, enabling Valuto customers to send and receive same day transfers at a fraction of the cost offered by their banks. The platform also leverages the company’s existing currency-exchange marketplace, which boasts over 380,000 registered users and facilitated over 3.2 billion Euros in exchanges in 2015. In February 2016, the Valuto team, led by co-founders, Lukasz Olek and Michał Czekalski unveiled the Valuto open API. The open API enables seamless integration of the Valuto multi currency account with numerous systems including desktop and SaaS accounting services, e invoicing, B2B marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. Additionally, the platform offers a unique transfer option to Valuto customers. Everyone who has a Valuto account and sufficient balance can transfer funds to another Valuto client. The transfer is completely free and will be visible on the recipient’s account within seconds.

Name CEO: Michał Czekalski
Founded in: 2009
Country: Poland
Company Twitter: @VALUTO_com
Category: Payments


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