Banking the Unbanked - Giving lenders the data, and confidence, to extend credit beyond the norm.

Not everyone can access credit for reasons of history or geography, but everyone has a personality. VisualDNA quizzes are, in real time, unlocking credit that’s both an appropriate fit for the consumer and profitable for the lender. This is achieved by assessing who the applicant is, not what they have previously done or where they are located. VisualDNA applies 30 years of academic research, big data analysis and internationally recognised psychological principles to create new data for the purpose of risk assessment; we link consumer psychology to credit intent. VisualDNA is already working with lenders and insurers around the world, delivering value added services in Poland, UK, Turkey, South Africa and India.

Name CEO: Clare McCaffery - Managing Director - Credit & Risk
Founded in:
Country: United Kingdom
Company Twitter:
Category: Financial Inclusion


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