Viventor is a pan-Europen peer-to-peer investing platform, offering investment opportunities in pre-funded loans.

Viventor is a peer-to-peer investing platform open for investors from all over Europe. All loans listed on the platform are secured by Buyback Guarantee, and are 100% pre-funded. On Viventor, you can build a diversified portfolio by combining investments in low-risk loans secured by real estate mortgages, and investments in short-term, high-yield consumer loans. While mortgage-backed loans are some of the most secure investments of their kind on the market, averaging below 30% loan-to-value ratio, the consumer loans generate up to 15% per annum. Investing is free of charge, it takes only 50 Euros to get started, and you can invest as little as 10 Euros per loan.

Name CEO: Andris Rozenbahs
Founded in: 2015
Country: Latvia
Company Twitter: @Viventor_P2P
Category: Alternative Finance


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